Print-and-Play Games

Print-and-Play Games

Here are some free downloadable Print-and-Play Games (if you need any tips for creating print and plays, please check out this page):

The Bear Went Over the Mountain – Bear Went Over the Mountain is a card-laying and set-collection game for preschoolers, ages 4 and up. 1-4 Players, Designed by Brian Garthwaite

Beehive – a math abstract strategy puzzle game for 2-players. Designed by Mitsuo Yamamoto of LOGY GAMES.

Blankout –  a roll-and-write game where players compete to fill up a grid with tetromino shapes. The last person to able to fit a tetromino into their grid is the winner! Any number of players can play. Designed by  Alexander Shen

Boxcars – a roll and write that uses standard dice, players are trying to be the best and fast at loading up train boxcars. For ages 8+, 1-5 players, designed by Trash Pandas‘ Michael Eskue, along with his wife Lisa Eskue.

Equal is a quick mathematical challenge between 2 players using just a standard deck of cards (and 2 dice). Designed by Mark Tuck, for 2-players only, ages 8+

Foodfighters – is a fun and light two-player battle game – each player controls a team of foods trying to win a food fight against the opposing team. First player to knock out three matching foods from the other team wins! For 2-players only, ages 8+ (though I think perhaps 6+) designed by Helaina and Josh Cappel. If you enjoy this one you can get a professional copy from Kids Table Board Gaming.

Grasshopper Chess – a Chess variant where you will add a new piece to the board (can be resented by two different color checkers).

Gnomes At Midnight – This is an abstract strategy game where players are gnomes trying to win by either capturing the three toadstools on the board, bumping three rival gnomes off the board, or completing a dance card anywhere on the board. For 2-players only, ages 8+, and designed by David Van Drunen. If you enjoy this one you can get a professional copy from Analog Game Studios.

Istanbul or Constantinople? – Is a black & white 18 card game, that is really a math game in disguise. Two things to keep in mind with this game, double-sided cards are important, so you may need to put the cards either in clear sleeves or paste the sides that go together. The second thing is this game depicts a character who smokes a traditional pipe. For 1-4 players, designed by CC  & Eric Hyland. Game enthusiasts can get a color professional version of this game from Concrete Canoe Games. 

Jurassico – a roll and write about creating dinosaurs. To play you just need the rules, sheet, and 5 6-sided dice (1 red, 1 blue, 1 yellow, 1 green and 1 white). For 1-4 players and designed by Danny Devine (Harvest Dice, Kohaku).

Ludus Senatus – 18 card game that takes its inspiration from the Roman Senate, where players are trying to get the majority of votes in the center of the table to match their votes. For 2-4 players, designed by Brian Compter. Game enthusiasts can get a color professional version of this game from Concrete Canoe Games. 

Paletto – an abstract strategy game where players are removing different colors from a 6×6 square grid board. The game is won by the player who either takes all 6 pieces of any color or whoever takes the last piece from the board. For 2-4 players, ages 6+ and designed by Dieter Stein.

Postcard from the Revolution – is an attempt to make a very small war game that plays like a war game and not an abstract strategy game. For 2-players and designed by Mike DeSanto.

Raging Bulls (and expansion Raging Bulls: Further Afield) – is a solo one-page roll-and-write game designed by Mark Tuck.

Rolling Village! –  a roll-and-write where you want to make the best village possible. For 1-12 players, ages 8+, and designed by D. Di Maggio.

Spurs & Sprockets – is a perfect information, abstract strategy game for two players. Players have eight matching tiles that they take turns placing orthogonally into a 4 X 4 grid, in an attempt to link three or four in a row. There is no board in Spurs and Sprockets so the grid grows organically, based on the placement of tiles. For ages 8+, 2 players, designed by Bobby Doran. If you enjoy the game and want a professional copy, there are various themed ones found at The Game Crafter.

Squava – abstract strategy game where players are trying to make 4-in-a-row while avoid making 3-in-a-row.  For 2 players, ages 6+, designed by Néstor Romeral Andrés, based off of Yavalthf, by Cameron Browne’s LUDI.



These resources are free to print and should not be sold. Feel free to share these files with others! We received permission from designers/publishers to put these print and play games up on our page. If you enjoy this resource or use it in your home or classroom- please let us know on Twitter @inquiry_meeple or Facebook at