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Gameschool Adventures (previously known as Adventures in Gameschooling) purpose is twofold. First, to inspire a lifelong love of learning by encouraging learning through play, even for older children (and adults too). Second, to introduce families to board games beyond those family favorites of Monopoly, Candyland, or Sorry. We hope to introduce families to the new, exciting, and diverse spectrum of easy-to-learn family games. These games, developed within the past 15 years, provide an astonishing breadth of joyful mind-growing experiences, with an appeal to both children and adults alike. If you like to learn more about these types of games, you can check out our blog here at Gameschool Adventures or on our Facebook page where we are also actively sharing info on board games. We also have a monthly newsletter you can sign up for here.

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What does gameschool in our title mean? It’s one of the many terms used to describe using board games in education (all types of board games not just educational), in our case, in a homeschool setting. If you like to learn more about what gameschooling is or about how to start, check out our primer on the issue by reading, Playing Games With a Purpose: Gameschooling 101.


Ryan Sanders

Is the main guy behind Gameschool Adventures (though he has a great support team behind him) and the co-founder of The Gameschool Co-Op. A homeschooling father of five children (two of which are being gameschooled), Ryan’s expertise is informed by almost two decades of experience as a stay-at-home father and from running The Inquisitive Meeple where he performed over 300 written and recorded interviews within the board game industry. As a Christian, he believes that he should not only look out for your own interests but other peoples as well (Philippians 2:4) and this he has made this one of the guiding principles for Gameschool Adventures, and why our resources will always stay free.

Ryan’s journey into modern board games started in 2004 due to an amazing Christmas gift from his lovely wife, Mary, of Bohnanza and Lost Cities. Things were never the same after that Christmas, and now he owns an overabundance of games. He calls dibs on purple when playing and his current favorite board game is Everdell. The best place to contact Ryan is on Twitter @inquiry_meeple, where he spends entirely too much time.


The Inquisitive Meeple

The Inquisitive Meeple was Ryan’s first venture into board game media creation, which started in 2014. Its main purpose was to interview game designers and publishers and to get the story behind the games. Instead of trying to run multiple media content websites, Ryan has decided that The Inquisitive Meeple will now be moved to here at Gameschool Adventures. On top of new interviews, we’ve imported a few past interviews that we think our audience may enjoy.



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